Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Uncle Samana Wants You

Apologies for the insistence on absurd titles... suggestions welcome (samana = recluse or monk).

It looks like there still may be a (small?) possibility to start up a forest monastery in the Los Angeles area... the property in question hasn't yet been sold, so it may still work out. Except that it is clear that not everyone involved agrees with the idea of starting a center so far out of the city. It's only about 15 miles from the nearest city, but for many of the people involved it would be over an hour, even two hour's drive. And then there are the people who are bothered by having no mobile phone reception, etc., etc. The positive side is it is a commercially zoned two-acre property with a house and a 1200 sq.ft. auto garage that could easily become a meditation hall, and best of all, it's the cheapest property we've considered by far.

So, I'm trying to expand our interest base; if anyone following my weblog is interested in getting involved in such a project, please sign up here:

Sign Me Up!

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Here's the YouTube video (or will be, once it's uploaded...) saying pretty much the same thing audibly: