Saturday, September 18, 2010

Team Mormon vs. Team Buddha

The Mormons came to visit today. What I learned:

  • Very few people go to hell. Judas Escariot is one of them. I am not.

  • There are three kingdoms of God. I'm probably going to the second one.

  • Only in the third kingdom do you "get" to be with your family for the rest of eternity. rotfl.

  • Jesus will not bring the Armageddon, he will come to end it. (Me: Nice of him. Them: Yeah, sure is.)

  • God has a physical body, but in the beginning we didn't. God gave us physical bodies so we could be more like him

  • We have to suffer because God wants to teach us something. Even babies that get smashed off of trees.

  • God has a physical body because he went through what we are going through.

The last point was a personal belief of Elder Greg, and really set up a bridge between us; I expressed my appreciation of such open-mindedness, and explained that in Buddhism we believe everyone, godly and human, has things to learn as well; the only difference is that we on my side of the bridge don't find the necessity to bring a creator into the picture at all... the universe does a great job teaching us already. That and the fact that we don't consider living with ones family for the rest of eternity the summum bonum of existence. I don't, anyway :)

We compared moral codes - they are stricter than me in that they don't get to use the Internet except for email. They have to live off $100 a day in food. I gave them my left over alms food and told them to come back every day if they like. I gave them books and DVDs on how to meditate, they gave me a Book of Mormon, some pamphlets and a DVD. All in all, they were pretty cool, except for the whole Jesus Christ thing, but they gave me examples of how important things like compassion and peace are in their religion and we left it at that. After all, what do I care if they believe Jesus Christ was the son of God? They weren't pushy or overbearing at all, and the most important thing about them is that I got the feeling I could have left them my apartment for a week and come back to find everything in better condition than when I left it. More than I can say for some of my fellow atheists...