Monday, September 20, 2010

Determination FAIL

Thank you everyone... it was a great lesson in determination. I get the feeling that the problem lies closer to home - that I should have been directing my words more at the people here who will have to make such a project happen than to those who have no stake in the matter.

It seems that the property in question has ten different things wrong with it, depending who you ask - everything from being in a forest fire zone (though never having been touched by a forest fire before) to having no mobile phone reception (irregardless of the fact I thought that was a plus...). That and the fact that others are bidding on the property seems to have sapped what determination was to be had. So, I am told, it won't happen. And so it goes.


  1. phalanyani12:42 PM

    just out of a forest meditation retreat I read about your determination ...
    and about the failure. Sorry to hear that!
    last word is spoken? or is there a way to convince those who say "it won't happen"?

  2. Mettaboy1:53 PM

    It not this time, then something better will come down the road...patience, persaverance--and a mind a ease. Thanks for trying, Bhante.

  3. Pooja7:44 PM

    There is a monastry as long as there are meditators.

  4. Pooja7:46 PM

    Determination is in and of itself. It has a lasting strength. Pray change the title.

  5. ew12345:56 PM

    I'm sorry! I think it is good there is no cell phone reception. Even for only a week they can't go without a phone?
    Maybe people can't go without the cell phone forever but for a week long retreat or however long it is they should be able to go without.