Sunday, September 05, 2010

Brahmajala Sutta - Paragraph 1

At the risk of eclecticism, I thought I would post something canonical for a change. To be posted on our Pali Study group list:

DN 1. brahmajālasuttaṃ 1. paribbājakakathā

Pali (VRI):

1 . evaṃ {1} me {2} sutaṃ {3} ekaṃ samayaṃ bhagavā antarā ca rājagahaṃ antarā ca nāḷandaṃ addhānamaggappaṭipanno hoti {4} mahatā bhikkhusaṅghena saddhiṃ pañcamattehi bhikkhusatehi. suppiyopi kho paribbājako antarā ca rājagahaṃ antarā ca nāḷandaṃ addhānamaggappaṭipanno hoti {4} saddhiṃ antevāsinā brahmadattena māṇavena. tatra sudaṃ {5} suppiyo paribbājako anekapariyāyena buddhassa avaṇṇaṃ bhāsati, dhammassa avaṇṇaṃ bhāsati, saṅghassa avaṇṇaṃ bhāsati; suppiyassa pana paribbājakassa antevāsī brahmadatto māṇavo anekapariyāyena buddhassa vaṇṇaṃ bhāsati, dhammassa vaṇṇaṃ bhāsati, saṅghassa vaṇṇaṃ bhāsati. itiha {6} te ubho ācariyantevāsī aññamaññassa ujuvipaccanīkavādā bhagavantaṃ piṭṭhito piṭṭhito anubandhā [anubaddhā (ka. sī. pī.)] honti bhikkhusaṅghañca.

Notes (PTN):

1. bhagavatā vuttanayena

2. mayā

3. upadhārituṃ

4. ahosi

5. tasmiṃ magge

6. evaṃ

English (RD):

I. 1. Thus have I heard. The Blessed One was once going along the high road between Râgagaha and Nâlandâ {2} with a great company of the brethren, with about five hundred brethren. And Suppiya the mendicant {3} too was going along the high road between Râgagaha and Nâlandâ with his disciple the youth Brahmadatta. Now just then Suppiya the mendicant was speaking in many ways in dispraise of the Buddha, in dispraise of the Doctrine, in dispraise of the Order. But young Brahmadatta, his pupil, gave utterance, in many ways, to praise of the Buddha, to praise of the Doctrine, to praise of the Order. Thus they two, teacher and pupil, holding opinions in direct contradiction one to the other, were following, step by [p. 2] step, after the Blessed One and the company of the brethren.

Notes (RD):

1. The whole of this Sutta was translated into English by the Rev. Daniel Gogerly, Wesleyan missionary in Ceylon, in the Journal of the Ceylon Branch of the Royal Asiatic Society for 1846 (reprinted by P. Grimblot in his 'Sept Suttas Pâlis,' Paris, 1876).

2. Nâlandâ, afterwards the seat of the famous Buddhist university, was about seven miles north of Râgagaha, the capital of Magadha, the modern Rag-gir (Sum. p. 35).

3. Suppiya was a follower of the celebrated teacher Sañgaya, whose views are set out and controverted in the next Sutta.


Posted by Brother Noah Yuttadhammo
5 September, 2010


VRI = Vipassana Research Institute
PTN = Phra Traipitok Nissaya
RD = T.W. Rhys-Davids

sī. = Sri Lankan
syā. = Thai
pī. = Pali Text Society
ka. = Cambodian


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