Sunday, August 29, 2010

WeLoveMonk Shuts Down

My first groupies deserted me... Here's a note from WeLoveMonk:

Hi yuttadhammo!

We're fans, as you can tell.

Sorry about the kiss mark. :P We really couldn't find clip art of a heart, so we figured a silly lip mark will communicate our admiration. (I mean, we don't wanna kiss you on the lips or anything. You ARE a monk.) :]

Carp here! I love your videos (even though it seems counterintuitive to be attached to a buddhist monk's youtube channel.) Even though I'm not buddhist, I have been learning a lot from your teachings. Mostly using them to calm myself down and see things as they are when I'm being negative. I like the different way of thinking.

ANYWAY. How in the world did you find our channel?! It's a mystery to both of us.

Sorry for any discomfort and sadness we may have brought to the buddhist community. We've already received an email about how not funny we are. :p We figured the 3 views we received, none of those would be buddhists.

Take care!

Before I could send the following reply, they shut down their account:

Dear Carp,

Honestly, I thought it was quite funny... how I found you is funny as well. Do you remember the KKK guy who commented on your channel? He also found me and said something like "Skinheads unite!". I blocked him, but first I checked out his channel and saw a picture of me in his subscription list, only with a kiss mark on my cheek. He found you, I guess.

Thanks for the positive feedback. The only reason I keep doing what I do is because people like you continue to express their appreciation. I'm especially glad to hear it is not only Buddhists who benefit from the practice.

If I can be of any help, please don't hesitate to write. I wasn't offended (well, the kiss mark was a bit over the top, as I said...) but then I'm not so thin-skinned as some of the people out there. You seem like sincere people, not out to hurt others, so I didn't take it the wrong way. Some of my students may have, though, when I put your video on my weblog... but sometimes it's good to challenge people, I think.

It's been an interesting day; after I watched your video, I went a restaurant owned by one of my supporters for lunch and a woman who looked quite a bit like you came up to me and asked to have her picture taken with me, saying she was a big fan - I almost thought you might be stalking me :) ... quite a coincidence, but her name was Andrea.

Best wishes,


So there you have it. More ammunition for those of you who are certain I'm an egotistic maniac just looking for attention. And more humour for those looking for humour. What I really hope is that this sort of thing brings wisdom to those searching for wisdom but, as Paul said, be all things to all men. So there you have it.

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