Friday, July 30, 2010


Uploaded the whole lot of Asalha videos after amplifying the audio so you can almost here what is being said. Here's the playlist, the first video is from Visakha Puja in Tarzana, the rest or of Asalha in Moorpark:

Still teaching in the Metro Detention Center; this week I had the opportunity to visit the women's block with Chaplain Andy, since none were coming down for the meditation session. It was really nice to have a chance to talk with the inmates one-on-one about meditation, and they were in general more receptive than the men. Several expressed their intention of attending next week's session. There are a few men interested among the dozen who attend; the rest either whisper amongst themselves, or fall asleep.

I've started a series on YouTube called "Ask A Monk". It seems to be working well, letting me avoid having to respond to the same individual questions again and again. Lots of good feedback. The playlist is here:

Still teaching at Second Life Buddha Center, Sundays at 3 PM now. Otherwise, real life teachings Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday at 7 PM, broadcast at Here's the channel link:

Talks are recorded and put on that page for watching later.