Monday, July 26, 2010

Another Small Piece of Heaven - Asalha Puja

After the hit that was this year's Visakha Puja celebration, I wouldn't have thought we could manage to pull it off again. In another amazing feat of determination and perseverence, we managed as a group to pull off another makeshift Buddhist celebration to rival any I've seen. Maybe I just like the small nature of these celebrations, as they lend themselves to more peace and tranquility; and that's what it's all about, no?

An exception to this was when we tried to float the (leaky) boat and found that it was prone to tipping over. As we tried to secure it with the Buddha and Buddha relics in it, it suddenly tipped, bringing the whole Buddha stand over with it. We quickly righted it and started to fasten it again, when we realized that something was missing... the Buddha relics. Panic ensued as we realized they had fallen into the pool. We quickly took the boat out of the water and started looking to see if we might possible find and gather the three small pieces of bone and their container. When we looked, however, we saw that there they were, on the bottom of the pool, still in their receptacle. One of the men who work at the place kindly offered to change into a swim suit and retrieve them, which he did. I was quite amazing that they should have survived the fall, given that several pieces of the crystal lotus flower they were in broke off on impact with the table before falling into the water. Another miracle? Who knows...

Here's a few pictures and a short video.

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