Sunday, May 09, 2010

Thirty-Something, or Nine on the Ninth

Here's pictures of today; it was a grand day, made possible only by the concerted efforts of a number of very kind people; thanks to everyone for making this day one for the books. We hit nine monasteries in about ten hours, leaving cast-off robes for the monks at each place we visited - there was a bit of confusion, as ผ้าป่า usually implies a tree made out of money these days, and the idea of dropping off a set of robes and assorted gifts unattended and unoffered was foreign to most of the people who followed along, not to mention the monks watching us from a distance. Apart from that, everyone agreed it was a grand success, an attainment of merit for all concerned.

The meaningless of the date aside, it's nice to have at least one day a year to remind you of such things as aging... it's so easy to get caught up in thinking one might live on for ever, and not stop and do anything with the short time we have on this Earth. Today was also a chance to reflect upon the events of the 365 days since last year and wipe the slate as clean as possible for the next round, neither clinging nor denying the things I have done, simply accepting and moving forward.

Here's the pictures, courtesy of mom (#8 was Wat Thai of LA, no pictures taken):

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