Friday, March 05, 2010

Why Am I Here?

A perennial favourite, this question.

Last year, I said I wasn't going to stay at Wat Thai, any Wat Thai, and now here I am in Thailand about to go to a Wat Thai board meeting to talk about starting a meditation department at Wat Thai. See, they bought a piece of property near Wat Thai recently and have been talking about building a meditation center there. The general consensus is for me to stay there, but it's still not clear whether they actually intend to give me any authority over the place, or whether they expect me to take orders from the current meditation head, an astrologer who supports the "Red Shirt" revolutionaries in Thailand. In case of the latter, I'll probably be checking out in May, just after my birthday, to find a new place to live.

In that sense, I'm at somewhat of a crux right now. If they really are open-minded about having a non-Thai monk take over a department of the "Thai" monastery, then there's really no problem. Otherwise, maybe it's time to try a real American Tudong. We'll see on Sunday, I suppose, but it may just as likely turn out that nothing is decided and I've traveled all this way for nothing more than extended jet lag and undernutrition (no food for the 30 hr night in transit).

Anyway, that's all future for now; off to almsround soon, the one thing besides meditation that gives a routine to my life these days. Just thought I would share the latest update with those who are interested in such things.