Saturday, March 06, 2010

The Backup Plan

Mike Knight: Then we go to the backup plan...
K.I.T.T.: The backup plan, the plan created because of Murphy's Law ... whatever can go wrong, will go wrong ... but isn't it true that there are an infinite number of ways a plan can go wrong?
Mke Knight: That's why backup plans suck.
-- from Knight Rider

Today we have a prep-meeting so the L.A. board dudes can tell me what to say when we meet the Bangkok board dudes. Tomorrow I get to meet the whole board of Wat Thai LA for the first time, but I'm not crossing my fingers. Last night I had a productive conversation with Phra Kru Supat of Section Five, Wat Mahadhatu, the gist of which was that if I came to teach at Section Five, I'd never have to worry about things like visas, and that he'd be more than happy to job-share with me so that we both could have the much needed time off such a job requires.

Personally, teaching at Wat Mahadhatu is not that interesting a prospect for me; I've tried it, and most of the meditators are only there because they don't have the requisite interest or time to prompt them to seek out a more dedicated meditation center elsewhere in Thailand. On the other hand, it has great potential for funneling traffic into a dedicated child meditation center somewhere in the countryside, something that Phra Kru Supat is working on establishing. I have other places of my own, as well, and so this sort of setup does have great potential, besides the benefits of staying in Wat Mahadhatu from time to time, allowing for easy study of Pali and Abhidhamma as time permits.

Anyway, so there's plan B. My guess is Los Angeles is a temporary position, not something that is tenable in the long-term, unfortunately. There just doesn't seem to be the depth of interest either in the Thai community, or the American people at large. Everyone's too busy trying to make ends meet; of course the funny thing is, if people were to dedicate their lives to meditation, there would be far fewer ends to try to make meet... IMHO.