Tuesday, March 09, 2010

The Back Nine

In Chom Tong. So much has changed here in ten years... who would have thought I'd be hacking into the monastery's wireless Internet router in an air-conditioned five-story building where there used to be only a rice field behind our huts over which we would watch the sunrise in between meditation rounds? Times change.

Saw Ajaan Tong yesterday. He's still as strong as ever, and full of wise and kind words. He was happy about the outcome of our efforts at Wat Thai LA; especially after the abbot made an unexpected visit to Chom Tong last month to ask him to allow me to stay and teach in Los Angeles. He says it seems I'm worth the trouble after all... that my ordination was not in vain, and he calls me an "Ajaan".

As I'm typing here in the lobby, he just walked by, and I've let him know I'm returning to Los Angeles tomorrow. He's surprised, so I explain I have to return to see my father who is in Los Angeles on vacation. Today back to Chiang Mai, tomorrow flying to Bangkok in time to catch my return flight on the same day back to LAX. Onward and upward.

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