Thursday, January 28, 2010

A Thing Or Two About Mohave

Just back from the Mohave Desert, having learned a few new things about deserts in general, or at least this desert in specific. First, it rained for the first five days we were there, shattering any myths I might have held about deserts being dry places... the nearby lake did nothing to reaffirm this myth, nor did the duck pond out my front door. Another thing that surprised me about this desert was how alive it felt... sure, there is not alot of greenery, but the greyish shrubbery and brownish tumbleweed were betrayed by both the moisture and the faintly familiar sweet smell of some unidentifiable pollen that seemed everpresent. This, along with the 360 degree panorama of snow-capped mountains, the sunrises and sunsets, etc., etc., made it somehow a magical place.

Anyhow, we spent most of the time indoors meditating, though I did take the opportunity afforded by the few exceptionally good-weathered days to take a whole slew of photos... I'm not a photo monk, but I do have some need for these ones, as there are some rumors that we might be able to turn this whole huge chunk of incredible land into a meditation center. Not holding my breath, but hey, after embezzlement, slander, blackmail, bribery, drug abuse, child molestation, false arrest, visa denials, dogs, guns, broomsticks, and a whole heap of dogmatic under-a-rock ignorance standing in the way of starting a meditation center, something has to break, right? Riiight.

Anyway, here's the photos, ala facebook. If this project does go through, expect to hear much more about it in the future.

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