Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Twitter-able Buddha Quotes Pt. 3

Many enemies there are who present themselves in the guise of a friend - Jaat.
The wise eschews bad company, for fear of staining touch: Wrap rotten fish in grass, you'll find the grass stinks just as much. - Jaat
Wrap rotten fish in grass, you'll find the grass stinks just as much. They who keep fool's company themselves will soon be such. - Jat
Sweet frankincense wrap in a leaf, the leaf will smell as sweet. So they themselves will soon grow wise, that sit at wise men's feet. - Jaat
If one gains a wise friend, the mindful should fare as one with them. - Dhp
The entirety of the holy life indeed is this: friendship with the good. - Upa.d.dhasutta
The power of persuasion is for the wise. - Balasutta
Better is an unfriendly wise one than a sympathetic fool. - Jaat.
One should give up black dhamma; the wise should develop only the white. - Parasutta
Reproach by the wise is indeed better than the approval of fools. - Theragaathaa
Whatsoever danger at all may come about, it is ever brought about by fools, not by the wise. - Bhayasutta
Just as a mountain of solid rock is not blown by the wind, so unwavering are the wise in the face of praise and blame. - Dhp.
In truth, purpose, and righteousness it is said the wise establish themselves. - Subhaasitasutta
Non-indolence praise the wise in the performance of goodness. - Appamaadasutta
The unclinging go to liberation - Devaduutasutta
Who fares as a fool with low wisdom is indeed an enemy to themselves. - Khemasutta
Peaceful he is not who speaks unrighteously. - Khomadussasutta
The fool is not aware when doing evil deeds; thus by such acts one without wisdom is heated up as if burnt by a fire. - Dhp.
Long for the fool is the wandering on without realizing the dhamma. - Dhp.
The peaceless go to hell; the peaceful go to heaven. - Macchariyasutta

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