Friday, November 20, 2009

Twitter-able Buddha Quotes, Nov. 20th, 2009

Easily done by the good is good; good by the evil is hard to do. - Vinaya
Evil by the evil is easily done; evil by the noble is hard to do. - Vinaya
Goals slip by for a fool who blindly follows the stars. - Jaataka
Touched by pleasure or by pain, the wise express no highs or lows. - Dhp.
Wise are they who bestow happiness; happiness they receive in return. - Bhojanadaanasutta
Yea, who unwittingly builds a foundation for rebirth; again and again the slowminded one gives rise to suffering. - Theragaathaa
Truth, indeed, is the better of all flavours. - Vittasutta
One should only speak those words that do not enflame one's mind.  - Subhaasitasutta
Truth, verily, is speech that never dies. - Subhaasitasutta
In times of deliberation, hasty speech is not called for. - Jaataka
Speech, even if skillful, are not so if untimely. - Jaataka
Speech should be spoken if it be good and not if it be evil. - Kaamasutta
When spoken, evil speech inflames. - Jaataka
When I speak the dhamma, evil cannot bespoil my heart. - Jaataka
Through conducting business one's purity is to be known. - Patisallaanasutta
However one speaks, so should one act. - Mahagovindasutta
One is not wise thereby who speaks much. - Dhp.
Through conversation one's wisdom is to be known - Catukkanipaata