Thursday, November 05, 2009

Op-onions Make Your Eyes Water

Here's my opinion on the Bhikkhuni thing:

I think we should look at the options... breaking rules is not cool, ever. But there are ways of changing the rules I think, at least temporarily... the Buddha left the sangha in charge and, as I said, I don't see any reason for not putting it to a vote and making an exception.

Another option is to find a way to allow women to wear the robes and carry a bowl without becoming fully ordained... really, that part of it smacks of ego; we should anyone want "recognition"? Isn't that what we are trying to let go of? Equality is just another form of conceit... there is no such thing as equal, just as there is no such thing as self.

One complaint is that women have it tougher than men because of the lack of recognition. First, this is not true across the board, there are many situations where women actually wield more power and have it better off than the men, but, granted it is often true, it is not a reason to reinstate a false Bhikkhuni lineage, it is just a reason to stop discrimination.

To me, the only important difference between an eight-precept nun and a monk is the robes; I think it should be possible to allow eight-precept nuns to wear the robes as long as they made it clear they were not officially ordained, as that would be deception.

Mahapajapati herself wore monks robes before she was ordained, and in fact that is true in all cases - the applicant for monkhood has to be wearing robes already to ordain. So, just put the robes on and say you are waiting to be ordained. Then, take your bowl, go on alms, become enlightened. No need for schisms.