Tuesday, November 10, 2009

More Twitterable Buddhaquotes

One should associate with those who are greater than oneself. - Jaat
Faring alone is better; there is no friendship with fools. - Upakkilesasutta
Who, though doing no evil, associates with evil-doers is suspected of evil, and a bad reputation is spread about them. - Sukhasutta
One becomes of such a sort as those with whom one dwells. - Jaat.
One should associate with good friends of pure livelihood and unindolent. - Theragaathaa
Happiness, indeed, is the fellowship with good fellows. - Jaat.
Attendance upon the learned is the root of the holy life. - Theragaathaa
He who stays a friend when need arises is a true friend. - Singaalakasutta
Development lies in the fellowship with good fellows. - Theragaathaa
The peaceless lead one to hell, the peaceful lead one to heaven. - Jaat
Attending upon one's betters leads quickly to progress. - Sevisutta
He has a part in the greatness who associates with the great. - Jaat

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