Thursday, November 19, 2009

Modern Monk Warfare

Sorry, I couldn't help myself; the title is a shameless bow to the search engine gods.

So, I wrote an outline of why I don't think there is any need to bother with ordaining Bhikkhunis, and got a very polite and educated response from a Theravada Bhikkhuni on the matter. Here are some of the points I may have overlooked in my ignorance:

  1. The Chinese Bhikkhunis acting as preceptors follow the same vinaya as theravada bhikkhunis (with some additions)

  2. Their lineage probably wasn't "broken"; it may be "suspect", but I think I was too hasty to think it was surely broken.

  3. Bhikkhu-only Bhikkhuni ordination really is a valid option... I think I was too stuck up on an either or situation... the vinaya seems to allow either mono or dual still - a loophole, surely, but hey, so is cheese (not that I personally eat cheese at night mind you...)

  4. The ordained Bhikkhunis do intend to follow the Bhikkhuni vinaya... actually this is not such a big deal, given that most Bhikkhus can't follow their vinaya (Note to self: not allowed to say such things.)

I need to think about this again.  Oh wait, I can't ordain Bhikkhunis yet any way... why don't I just stay out of this?