Sunday, November 08, 2009

Buddha Quotes

I started on a list of quotes for, but I thought I would post them here too... they're all from the Tipitaka, but not all from the Buddha himself. Below if is the first twenty, I'll post the rest here and save them to a txt file at

No one in the world goes unblamed. - Dhp
Respected are those who are respectful. - Jaat
The reverent are revered in return. Jat
Who through unskillful means hopes for gain will ever grieve. - Jaat
Who has children grieves because of children, just as one who has cattle grieves because of cattle. - Nandisutta
Through full attainment of right view comes the liberations from all suffering. - Vipallaasasutta
A living being should not kill another living being; the murderer of beings truly grieves. - Jaat
Despised is one who is too soft, and the one who is too hard garners enmity. - Jaat
A person who holds back through shame is among the few to be found in this world. - hirisutta
The sage visits not with families, for thereby one is distracted and attains concentration with difficulty. - Paraabhavasutta
Who practice according to what was taught by the Buddha will make an end to suffering, practicing according to the teacher's dispensation. - Brahmacariyasutta
Fully-endowed with knowledge and conduct - such a one is chief among angels and humankind. - agga~n~nasutta
Hard to find is one who is endowed with all virtue. - Jaat.
Who is fond of sleep, fond of company and unenergetic, lazy and easily angered; this is the door leading to ruin. - Paraabhavasutta
The wise become full of goodness little by little. - Dhp.
When one has full and clear awareness, unarisen wholesomeness arises and arisen unwholesomeness goes to extinction. - Ekanipaata
When one has evil friends, unarisen unwholesomeness arises and arisen wholesomeness goes to extinction. - Ekanipaata
Who bears with the speech of those below themselves - this, they say, is the highest forbearance. - Jaat
There is no progress for one whose mind is bent on destruction. - Jaat
Worldly material is abandoned by one one desirous of peace. - Upaneyyasutta