Saturday, October 24, 2009

More From the Monk Chat

(08:35:05 PM) Eric Hancock: "hi yes I'd like to cancel my credit card" "why? we have blah blah blah offers" "well I'm becoming a monk"
(08:35:14 PM) Yuttadhammo: haha
(08:35:15 PM) Eric Hancock: "is that a joke?"
(08:35:16 PM) Eric Hancock: lol
(08:35:24 PM) Yuttadhammol: what fun
(08:35:30 PM) Eric Hancock: it is fun
(08:37:47 PM) Eric Hancock: she kepy being like, "well i guess you wont want that offer.." "or that one.." "well there's nothing we can offer you"
(08:38:59 PM) Yuttadhammo@gmail: You should have offered her to ordain...

1 comment :

  1. PuritySweetwater6:20 PM

    It is so good he is cancelling his credit cards. You are a great example for him and other westerners that want to become monks.