Friday, October 30, 2009

Kind of Monk

On my ordination day, I thought, "I'm the perfect monk." After about a month of messing up, I realized that I really had been mistaken, but now I was a really good monk, after one month. Then, a year later, I realized I'd really been naive. But now, one year into it, I was a pretty good monk. After five years, I realized the progression, and that now, I just thought I was an okay monk. Now, as I approach 10 years as a monk, I think that by the time I'm 10, I'm just going to be a monk.


  1. accept_dance6:48 AM

    ah yes..... a quote that seems relevant here from Thich Nhat Hanh.

    "Nirvana can be translated as freedom, freedom from views, and in buddhism, all views are wrong views. When you get in touch with reality, you no longer have views, you have wisdom, you have a direct encounter with reality, and that is no longer called views."

    From a youtube video titled "What Is Nirvana"

  2. PuritySweetwater4:18 AM

    i think u are a really good monk but im not a monk