Friday, October 23, 2009

Instant Messenger

My friend Eric has left his job and is coming with me to Thailand to become a monk... I swear, I didn't push it on him!

Anyway, here's an IM conversation we had tonight...

(06:35:48 PM) Eric Hancock: when someone says, "Where is god in this plan" I go errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrk bam weewooweewooo car wreck
(06:35:57 PM) Yuttadhammo: lol
(06:36:13 PM) Yuttadhammo: tell them, "oh, he can come too if he wants..."
(06:36:18 PM) Eric Hancock: hehe
(06:36:22 PM) Eric Hancock: I like that
(06:36:53 PM) Yuttadhammo: we Buddhists are very accepting.... even of bloodthirsty megalomaniacal imaginary friends...
(06:37:02 PM) Eric Hancock: lol
(06:37:05 PM) Eric Hancock: sureee
(06:37:34 PM) Eric Hancock: i should have just kept my mouth shut and left lol

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  1. PuritySweetwater2:58 AM

    I just tell people who ask me about god that it is one with everything including poor people on the street, and that god manifests in different ways to different people. Whatever name you put on reality, it just is.