Friday, October 23, 2009

Instant Messenger

My friend Eric has left his job and is coming with me to Thailand to become a monk... I swear, I didn't push it on him!

Anyway, here's an IM conversation we had tonight...

(06:35:48 PM) Eric Hancock: when someone says, "Where is god in this plan" I go errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrk bam weewooweewooo car wreck
(06:35:57 PM) Yuttadhammo: lol
(06:36:13 PM) Yuttadhammo: tell them, "oh, he can come too if he wants..."
(06:36:18 PM) Eric Hancock: hehe
(06:36:22 PM) Eric Hancock: I like that
(06:36:53 PM) Yuttadhammo: we Buddhists are very accepting.... even of bloodthirsty megalomaniacal imaginary friends...
(06:37:02 PM) Eric Hancock: lol
(06:37:05 PM) Eric Hancock: sureee
(06:37:34 PM) Eric Hancock: i should have just kept my mouth shut and left lol