Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Up To Know Good

Just a little update, what I've been up to for the past three months with my weblog down, for those of you who haven't been following me on Twitter or Facebook (my twitter links to my facebook; either one will get you the same info).

Apart from fighting off a ridiculous court case on false charges of indecent exposure (and winning, I might add), I've not been wasting my rains on silly things. I admit that meditation was not at the forefront these past three months; I'd hoped to get a steady routine down but, you know, court case and all... apart from two or three hours of daily meditation practice I've been kept on the computer with emails and research into lawyers, laws and all things legal, and so managed, in the process, to get sidetracked by various computer-based activities like video-posting on YouTube - I managed to redo all of the "Why Meditate" videos, as well as create a new series of videos on "Reality" (see my YouTube channel for both playlists), and something called "Second Life".

I bet many people out there already know something about Second Life, probably something more than I did a month ago, or even do now. I hear it's supposed to be a game, and I must confess, in almost a month of using it to teach Buddhism and meditation, I haven't done the exploring necessary to confirm or deny the categorization. It certainly isn't a game where I hang out - I've been giving talks on Buddhism (every Tuesday) and meditation (Thursday) as well as conducting a Sutta Study session (Saturday) and even Buddhist Story-Telling (Sunday), at a place called "Buddha Center". You can find these talks on my audio page.

It's a nice place, with a nice staff and mostly nice people who come truly interested in learning about the Buddha's teaching. It's a bit eclectic, I suppose, for some, but the talks I give have been very well received, and I am amazed that such a platform exists and works so smooth - I can give a talk to a "room" full of "people" and have the real people behind the faces hear every word I say in real-time. Then, they can ask questions in real-time and I can give my answers, again, in real-time. To people around the world.

It's been so great, I moved in (in a virtual sort of way) and they made me part of the management team. For pictures of my "kuti" and other parts of the center, you can now visit the Buddha Center's website or it's Picasa photo album.

So, been busy. Now that the court case is over, probably going to focus more on meditation. Back to my walking...


  1. leafdharma4:27 AM

    My head hurts thinking about the concept of teaching Dharma inside a virtual world. Its almost like putting layers on top of layers. Not only is our self like an onion but now that onion is inside a watermellon.

    Congrats on beating the law. Talk about losing yourself in games, I'm sure the learning the legal system is a game within a game as well.

  2. Leaf, you may be right... I'm still undecided... what I can see it it's unique in the ability to have the talk heard by people around the world, and then allowing the participants to ask questions and get answers. I've helped quite a few people out already, some who were depressed and maybe even suicidal. I think clearly it has benefit... my question is is it worth the headaches? :)

    I've even started holding international chanting sessions; that's maybe a bit over the top :)

  3. leafdharma9:02 AM

    Well I think if you can get people to stop playing the game and facing there real issues; depression/suicide, then I guess its worth it. It does seem to be a major computer time commitment.