Saturday, July 11, 2009

Meditation Lessons Over Skype

Today I accomplished something I'd never thought possible; I managed to hold a video conference with a meditation student in London, England whom I've never met; someone who's only introduction to this practice was through my Youtube videos. I was even able to demonstrate walking meditation and correct both walking and sitting methods through Skype. Nice to be able to help people in this way, even a little bit; I wouldn't say it replaces face-to-face communication, but I'd bet it is a great way to introduce people who've never practiced meditation to the great world of inner peace and clarity. After all, these are desperate times that call for desperate measures...


  1. albill2:19 AM

    I've heard of a number of teachers doing this and, in fact, had a skype conversation with my Zen teacher fairly recently.

    I've thought that this kind of conversation combined with streaming video (or the Youtube videos like you are doing) provide an opportunity for people scattered physically to still work with teachers and advance their practice.

  2. Seems to provide that indeed...