Friday, June 05, 2009

How To Meditate DVD (ISO Torrent)

I never thought I would create a bit torrent, but in the end it has been a surprisingly pleasant experience. Create a DVD image file, make a corresponding .torrent file, then upload the latter to a public bit torrent site and start "seeding" the former to whoever wants it. Already sixty-four people want it, and some of them have already got 81% of the 3 GB file. If you are one of them, or do end up downloading the .torrent, please seed once you've got the whole of it, because I'll be out of town for the next month, and will probably not have a chance. Remember, this is goodness, and by seeding it, you will be helping to spread the teachings.

Here's the torrent file for download:

You'll need a bit torrent client, and possibly some knowledge of how to open a NAT port. Happy downloading. (Again, please seed, it's good karma!)

[caption id="attachment_661" align="alignnone" width="400" caption="How To Meditate DVD"]How To Meditate DVD[/caption]


  1. heartbeat10:42 PM

    thanks. i really liked your video's on youtube.


  2. gabor4:35 PM

    w00t! see you soon on my monitor :)

  3. gabor5:13 PM

    you might also want to upload the torrent file on

  4. shanna195010:12 PM

    hi, I downloaded the file. I can't open it with my virtual clone drive. I never have problems with opening ISO's. Then I burnt it. And it doesn't play either. Is the file okay?

  5. Dear Shanna,

    I'm surprised to hear that... I can play the iso fine, and nobody else has complained... maybe you have to try again? You can check the MD5 sum:


    If you are on Windows, you can use winmd5sum:

    If it does not match the above code, your file is probably corrupt.

  6. shanna19506:36 PM

    Hi there Yuttadhammo,
    I downloaded the ISO again. I opened it with virtual clone drive and it PLAYS OKAY NOW. Great. Something must have gone wrong the first time. Going to burn it on a DVD now.
    Thanks much for making the video. I had already watched the separate files on Youtube, and it is beautiful.
    Peace and Blessings for Everyone

  7. Some One11:40 PM

    I would like to thank you for making this available. May I ask what the audio clip in the beginning of the DVD is? When it displays the links to all lessons or 1-6.

    Thank you.