Friday, June 26, 2009

Die, Death, Die

I was asked to translate a passage from the Therīgāthā, and so I thought I would share it here, since it seems rather pertinent:

sabbattha vihatā nandī,

I am one who has delight (nandī) destroyed (vihatā) in all things (sabbattha),

tamokhandho padālito.

one by whom the mass (khandho) of darkness (tamo - part of the mana group, it ends in -o even in compounds) was pierced (padālito).

evaṃ jānāhi pāpima,

Thus (evam), o evil one (pāpima), may you know me (jānāhi)

nihato tvamasi antaka

You (tvam) are (asi) defeated, end-maker (antaka - one who brings an end, ie death).

or, in English:

Having destroyed delight in all things,

One who has pierced the mass of darkness;

Thus, o evil one, may you know me.

You are defeated, end-maker.

- Therīgāthā, 3.7 selātherīgāthā


  1. gabor5:05 PM

    This site is also pertinent, the url says it all.

  2. I think the text is too subtle for me but is it like Dylan Thomas
    " and death shall have no dominion over me"