Saturday, June 20, 2009

A Stain on the White House

This is the closest I get to commenting on politics... Mr. President, if I were an American, you'd have just lost my vote...


  1. shanna195010:04 PM

    Got this video the other day and I was SHOCKED. A fly is a living being too!

  2. shanna195010:09 PM

    oh... a fly story: 25 years or so back I read the book "kinship with all life" in which the writer told about his communication with a fly. From then on I don't chase flies with a towel out of my house anymore (which aggrevated them and me for half an hour sometimes). Since I read that book, I ask flies friendly to leave. I even tell them that they will find good, yummie dogshit and other lovely stuff out there. It's odd, but (apart from an occasional stubborn one) they leave in less than 5 mins. Weird but true.