Sunday, May 31, 2009

Religious Studies 101

From Yuttadhammo's Dictionary of Religious Terms:
Theism is the belief in definite articles.  It is seperated into two distinct branches: monotheism - the belief in a single definite article ("the The and only one The"), and polytheism - the belief in the existence of more than one definite article (polytheism is more common in places like France, where theism is know as "leisme", and Spain, where it is known as "elismo").

Aism, the belief in indefinite articles, is the opposite of theism.

Atheism is the belief in both definite and indefinite articles.

This is why I have decided that I am an atheist.  Religion has never been more grammatically correct.


  1. Guido1:32 AM

    Well, as a non-native speaker of English it took me a look in the dictionary to figure this one out. Glad that I grabbed it and realized the joke. :-)

  2. LOL... I love the way you think!! This one really made me laugh! :)