Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Karma, Bristles, Bulbs, and Goldie Hawn

Today was an interesting day... the second of two applicants for monk ordination dropped out today. Polly remarked, rather pointedly, that the men aren't scoring so well. I have no excuses for my gender's behaviour, but I think this helped to inspire or at least mold the following talk:


This one is on the twelve types of karma and how they impact our lives, with a special emphasis on how karma relates to meditation practice and vice-versa.

The second part of the post title comes from the birthday of the husband of one of our meditators (our meditators are 99% female). I was among the recipients of their birthday merit making and, seeing as he's a dentist, I got this:

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="215" caption="Oral-B Triumph with SmartGuide Electric Toothbrush"]Oral-B Triumph with SmartGuide Electric Toothbrush[/caption]

It's the iPhone of toothbrushing. I can't help but wonder whether the Buddha wouldn't have objected to vibrating tooth-cleaning sticks... here's a related article.

The third part of the title is this picture:

[caption id="attachment_557" align="alignleft" width="150" caption="Spring Bulbs"]Spring Bulbs[/caption]

I asked someone to send my mother daffodils for her birthday on the 25th of April. I then found out, on the 25th, that she was born of the 23rd. D'oh. But in my favour, they not only sent flowers, but also bulbs in a beautiful basket. She was happy, I was happy. Then the next day, more bulbs came, in another beautiful basket. I figured it was either a gift that kept on giving, or simply a glitch in the matrix. Later we found out it was simply human error (go humans go) on the part of the flower company. So, mom got two baskets of daffodil bulbs, and they are flowering in time for my birthday, as usual.

The final part of this eclectic (even for me) post, is something I happened upon while checking my YouTube account. Here is Goldie Hawn on God (go goldie go):

Second place goes to Harrison Ford

Third place goes to Mike Meyers

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