Friday, March 27, 2009

Sandy Ego

Made a night trip to the Sandy Ego (San Diego, haha) area... back now. Went to visit Wat Metta and an Avocado grove, as well as a state park and a Fourplex (it's an American thing...). The Fourplex was the most attractive of them all, and I'm thinking of taking them up on the offer of using it for a two-week retreat, Apr. 7th to 20th.

Other thoughts: a one-month walk (Alan?) in June to find a place for the rainy season is floating around in my head these days...

Other news: a new computer, after giving away three notebook computers since ordination. I'm under oath not to give this one (a desktop) away, so I've designated it "The Centre Computer" and have given orders to see that that it is out of my sight, and into a distant (50m away) "Centre Office" by tomorrow... otherwise I might end up using it, and that would be bad. See, the thing about computers and me is, well, they save me so much time that I end up using them all the time. Ain't life funny? But I have Pali to memorise and students to teach and meditation to, um, meditate.