Monday, February 23, 2009

Sex-ed (Monk Style)

Another of nature's cruelest practical jokes is that, rather than being content at seperating us into millions of different species, she had to give us these funny opposing organs that serve the sole purpose of doing away with the simpler, less painful methods of reproduction commonly found in more cultured lifeforms like blue-green algae or the malaria virus. Ha ha, very funny. Penis, vagina, I get it. Now knock it off.
Honestly, people, sexual reproduction makes about as much sense as smoking crack or sniffing gasoline. It's important we at least admit to ourselves that we're not engaging in such folly for the reason that it is particularly sensible. We are slaves to this body. Mind should be the master, but we find it mastered by a mere rotting corpse; a cruel joke indeed.

(Just a random thought from your friendly neighborhood homeless bum.)