Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Plans of Monks and Men

So you don't have to ask, here are My Plans, of which one can imagine that less than half might come to fruition.

1. Teach meditation at Wat Thai LA. After the 3 month course we'll try to set up monthly courses or just ongoing meditation practice.

2. Find a place to live in America. Maybe those nice looking mountains near Wat Thai LA, maybe Colorado or Wisconsin. If anybody has land they're not using...

3. Study Pali. Ajaan wants me to get 9th level Pali, an eight year endeavor. Seeing as how I seem unable to stay put for eight months at a time, I be sceptical...

4. Continue meditation. Thinking of making monthly excursions to take silent retreats.

5. Continue making meditation videos. Easy way to reach people.


  1. Very happy to hear that you plan to return to NA...having you closer will be wonderful! You've put a big smile on my face today! :)

  2. Alfonso7:45 AM

    I'm also glad that you are planing to stay in the USA, however I have to admit that to meditate in Thai forest will certainly be missed.