Thursday, February 26, 2009

Like a Bird

Feeling somewhat like a swallow carrying a coconut.

Total weight of check-in luggage: 63.5 kg
Max weight allowance: 46 kg

As punishment, Thai Airways upgraded me to Premium class (think MP's comfy chair torture). Mostly books. I found some real treasures in BKK. Should help with both teaching and studying. Still missing is a book called Lakkha.naadicatuka. Maybe next year. A bonus though was the Mahaapa.t.thaana Uddesa and Niddesa for recital. Check out the audio at

Not much to say, nothing much to teach. To those I leave behind, you go your own way. To those I expect to meet, maybe we walk together for a time. To all, when we die, we die alone. Get over it :)