Sunday, January 25, 2009

Pope's Nose on Youtube

YouTube - Benedict XVI: internet a new way to speak of God.

Move over monks, the Christians are weighing in... the Vatican now has a vblog.  I can't help but feel that JP is right... the Internet is a great place to contact the big guy.   For instance, I just sent God an email this morning:
Dear God,

Is it true that you are Buddhist?

Yours in the Dharma,


I know, you're thinking it's a joke.  But, nope, check this out:

His email address is "".

Some of the Vatican's other videos:

Benedict XVI: Peace for the world , egoism will not prevail

- in this one he says that God will bring peace to Iraq, etc.  Sounds kind of like the people who think Obama will do the same... really, neither one has much to do with peace work.

Benedict XVI: Peace founded on justice and spiritual progress

- this one's better... except for the part about fighting poverty with hope... fighting poverty with hope is like fighting poverty with money... useless.  The best way to fight poverty is to do away with money.

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  1. Nicolas12:15 AM

    Hello my friend in Dhamma,

    do you know the explizit south park episode? its hilarious.

    and i just want to let you know that iam a little bit jealous when i see your videos, living the monk life. Beeing a more or less sincere meditator your videos helpt me see thinks clearer (the simplicity).
    i hope that you understand my chaotic english (iam from germany).