Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Shutting Down Samsara

After writing a long post about samsara, only to have it disappear in a puff of electrons, I think this is a final straw on the monk's back. I'm shutting down my weblog.

My reasons include both technical - my PDA is breaking down, etc., etc., and practical - I've given up the rest of the website to a nice man named David to run on behalf of our new centre, and so the next logical course of action is to give up the weblog. After that, I assume I'll be setting my email to autorespond and turning my phone off for most of the day. Things are moving towards simplicity for me these days. Let's see if I can make it last.

So how to contact me? Pick up a pen and write to:

Phra Noah Yuttadhammo
Samnak Patibat Phrarajapromajaan
Mu 4 T.Samoeng Dtai
A. Samoeng
Chiang Mai 50250

Or send me an email and read the instructions on the autoresponder. Comments are now closed.

May peace be with you all.