Friday, November 09, 2007

Good Luck

There's something about the phrase "good luck" that doesn't quite sit right... not just because mostly I don't think the people who wish it of me actually wish me to receive it, but it just seems more ominous than auspicious, and makes me want to always double check my footing - as though the path I trod were fraught with uncetainty and the only hope for my salvation were the lady herself. It's kind of like when someone offers the dubious blessing "take care", which I can only take to mean that in their eyes I would otherwise be reckless.

Just a thought, before evening chanting... I don't particularily think I need luck at this point... I seem to have my share, both good and bad, but I'm set on meditation, I'm studying the Buddha's teaching (Nak Dham Toh exams start in 17 days), and I'm really trying hard to avoid evil deeds as best I can. Okay, so no one's perfect, but I'm not so unstable as to think I should be afraid of bad luck.

Tonight is the uposatha, and I performed it alone. With only one monk, there is no recital of the moral code, only a declaration: "ajja me uposatho" - today is my observance day.

So, I try my best to observe the Buddha's teaching, as always. Only tonight I'll make an appearance in the reverberating hall of the chedi - I recorded myself chanting in it for all of you to hear, but there is just no good way to upload it from my phone. So just you'll have to just imagine me droning on and off key, with an echo which is strangely in a key of its own... maybe a good thing I spare you (and me) the bandwidth. Happy holiday, everyone.

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