Saturday, October 20, 2007

Samoeng, Int'l

Here's letting everyone know that it's confirmed (not yet official, but confirmed) that I will be sent to an empty monastic centre (not yet a monastery) in Samoeng. They say the weather is good all-year-round, but of course the people may change with the seasons. But they will put me iin charge of the centre, which gives more freedom (and responsibilty, of course) than Wat Doi Suthep or Wat Sanku. But yes, true freedom is a condition of the heart, and it doesn't really matter to me where I go, except that here I will be able to accommodate other like-minded forest-dwelling meditators. And I will have help; they're trying to get a monk to go with me, and probably Mae Chii Jai, the Burmese nun, will move there as well.

Stay tuned... if I can get Internet access, I'll move the Wat Sanku website to a new location for Samoeng, or maybe just merge it into the main


  1. Robert Green12:01 PM

    so good to hear that there is a silver lining to these events.

    also its good to know i may have a chance to meet you one day in whatever place you are living.

    i look forward to the time.

    rob green

  2. Alexandar Hristov5:52 PM

    Dear Phra Noah Yuttadhammo

    The invisible world will be on your site and will take care of you no matter what and who will try to create an obstacle - you are doing a selestial job

    With metta :
    Alexandar Hristov

  3. Gregory D2:14 AM

    Hello Venerable Yuttadhammo. I think this is a wonderful opportunity for you. Because the presence of other Dhamma friends is beneficial to one's practice, I'd kindly recommend not going alone. May your new community of supporters be a generous one! May your journey be safe, my friend! Saadhu. With the utmost respect and reverence...


  4. Kevin6:28 AM

    Bhante, a silver lining is right. Perhaps this will help your practice, and you help you to benefit other meditators even more.

    With Metta,


  5. Srila3:48 AM

    Things happen for reason and I am glad Phra Noah is strong and being so mindful and took the situation as it come wisely. You will have our support from L.A. The Wat Thai is looking forward to Phra Noah teaching next year.
    Namudsakarn kar