Monday, October 01, 2007

Peace and Dhammocracy

A symbol of peace?  Yes, but if monks are to be a symbol of peace, why are they fighting?  A symbol of democracy?  Democracy means people power.  Buddhist monks are a symbol of Dhammocracy.


  1. julianq9:54 PM

    Monks fighting? I thought they were marching peacefully. In the same spirit as Mahatma Gandhi? And were beaten and killed for this.
    And what is a Dhammocracy?

  2. Fighting, of course, in the sense of protesting. Gandhi was a politician, not a monk. And yes, they will be beaten and killed. And they may very well bring about democracy, but they will not bring about freedom from suffering. Not in this way.

    Dhammocracy is supremacy of the dhamma. Which says that all beings are heirs of their karma, and that hatred does not bring about an end to hatred.