Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Moving In

We arrived yesterday afternoon, me and a Surinamese yogi who says the place reminds him of the amazon. We cleaned our rooms, fixed some of leaking water pipes, and moved in. In the evening we chanted inside the cetiya, our voices echoing in the high chamber, then meditated for 30 minutes before returning to get ready for our first night in Samoeng.

This morning almsround, two small loaves of bread, five packages of noodles, a curry, sweets, fruit, and a jar of peanut butter donated by the nun who brought us up yesterday. We lit a campfire, boiled water for the noodles, heated the curry and ate our daily meal.

A little cleaning after the meal - the most labour intensive job here will be simply cleaning up after the previous occupants. Garbage litters every corner of the otherwise pristine forest floor of the centre.

And now back to Pali study for an hour, something I've been neglecting in the busyness of the past days. In the afternoon, going to see the district monastic chief, then I'll hopefully have time for some formal meditation, another thing I've had precious little time for of late.

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