Friday, October 12, 2007

Insanity in Daily Life

Erm... how to begin? 

"A funny thing happened on my way to the insane asylum today...


"So Ajaan Suphan calls his driver and says, ' hey, bring the car around, I need you to take Phra Noah to the mental hospital.'"


"So I get a call on my trip to Bangkok from the monastic chief at Wat Sanku telling me he's closing the centre to foreigners, because one of the meditators took off in the middle of the night and is currently in police custody waiting to be taken to the mental hospital.  I get on the next plane back to Chiang Mai."

Hi, mom, hi dad, no, I'm not insane... just a little bemused.  I did enter the mental hospital, but the nurses let me out again after I had spoken with one of their inmates who had been practicing at Wat Sanku under another teacher and had lost her mindfulness near the end of the course... I don't think she's found it yet, and she apparantly has a history of misplacing her sanity in this way.

 Today I'm at Wat Rampoeng in Chiang Mai, and I hear that the international kitchen at Wat Sanku has been disassembled.  Back to Chom Tong to visit Ajaan Tong and tell him my side of the story (I think he's probably heard two or three sides already...).  Then back to Wat Sanku to pack up my things and move again :)  And so it goes.


  1. Hello Phra Yuttadhammo,

    Could you send a hello and some love to Ajahn Suphan for me. The last time I saw him, I had brought a dog I picked up in China, he laughed, commenting on willing embrace of samsara. And I'm still out here in the thick of it, remembering Wat Ram Poeng fondly.


  2. Khemacitto Bhikkhu11:44 PM

    I am very sorry to hear of this Venerable Brother. They won't even let you see out the rains retreat? It finishes very soon!

  3. Alex,

    Of course, I'll probably see Ajaan Suphan today.

    Bhante Khemacitto,

    No, they can't do that... I'll see out the rains, then probably back to Chom Tong.