Friday, September 21, 2007

You Think You're So Smart

So they fixed the roof. I thought that was smart. They put cement between the peak and the outer area, on top of the tiles. Since water generall flows downward, this was not smart, as the water from the peak came inside. Like a waterfall.

So I climbed up and smashed their delicate handiwork with a hammer, breaking several roof tiles in the process. I ordered ten roof tiles and two bags of cement, knowing full well I knew almost nothing about either item. Except sand + cement + water goes between the peak tiles and the lower roof tiles. Thankfully, Brian from Suriname was in between courses and came to explain more about cement and even mix it for me. Finished, just in time for the rain. Still leaking, only less than before.

So, I then resorted to every handimonk's best friend: plastic. Yep, my roof currently has only one small, unsolved leak remaining, thanks to four strips of plastic flooring and three plastic bags which went between the cement and the roof tiles. I'm not sure if my dad would be proud or embarassed at my work, but hey, I'm dry.

Today was Ajaan Tong's birthday, by the way. Not much to say, though, as we made but a quick trip into the tumult. Long enough to offer a set of robes to our teacher, offer flowers to the Somdet acting as the head of the Thai Sangha (a lucky break, everyone else was waiting at the wrong place), who in turn offered them to the Buddha relic at Chom Tong.

Back to the forest, though, and despite the many difficulties here, it reminds me of my birthplace, makes me feel comfortable, and, most importantly, encourages me to practice training my mind to freedom.

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