Monday, September 10, 2007

Noah's Ark

Geckos, frogs, scorpians, a six-foot snake, squirrels, two bee's nests, and perhaps other, yet-undiscovered creatures are about to lose their homes to my new roof (supposing the workers don't lose their lives in the process), thanks to my kind and generous students in Los Angeles (and my remarkable aptitude in hole-making).

The work started today, and I kept asking the three workers whether they'd seen the big green snake, whose tail had disappeared into a hole in the leaky roof, yet. They were not eager in conversation on the subject, and so I let it drop. They did find the first (abandoned) bee's nest, and should find the second (unabandoned) one tomorrow; the geckos will leave themselves and the squirrels and scorpians must as well; my meditation hut, an ark no more. Yet, if it rains tonight while the corners are bare, I dare say we shall have a flood.

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  1. sara l9:49 AM

    cute pun on the blog title. :)