Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Morality, Concentration and Wisdom

Morality means stopping the mind from
wandering, waivering; concentration is focussing, fixing; wisdom is knowing, seeing.

Walking and sitting for days and days on end, and yet only when these three arise is there any benefit to be met. Walk ten hours mindlessly and become tired. Walk three steps with perfect mindfulness and become free. Mindfulness is the key; bringing the mind back again and again to the foot, creating the clear thought "lifting", negating unwholesome thought. Breathing deeply, a sign of release, but

so far to go, so far to go to reach here;
so long to wait, so long to wait to reach now.

1 comment :

  1. was so happy to find your meditation videos on YouTube today. have been looking for the off-switch for my brain and pride for quite some time. admiring my dog for her perfect ability to be present at all times. have looked into TM and vipassana sessions but for one reason or another (mostly bad ones) neglected to get going. i think your videos are the right approach to get me started -- at my own pace.
    thank you.