Thursday, August 30, 2007

It's Raining... Inside.

Yathaa agaara.m ducchanna.m, vu.t.thii samativijjhati.
Eva.m abhaavita.m citta.m, raago samativijjhati.

As for a building poory roofed, rain is able to leak in;
Thus with an untrained mind, passion is able to leak in.

-- The Buddha (Dhp.)

Leaving my state of mind aside, the state of my roof has certianly deteriorated. I'd watched the worker climb up and sweep off leaves, so I figured the would be no harm in me climbing up to find where the remaining leak was. Assembling a table, a stool and a two meter plank (yes, a ladder would have worked, as well), I climbed up and made a big crack in one of the roof tiles with my hulking 60 kg frame. Thinking that was not such a good thing, I climbed precariously down, fetched a tube of silicone, climbed back up and promptly made a large hole in a different tile as well as cracking the inner ceiling tile. I didn't bother fixing the first crack.

Then, despite prognostications by Mae Chii Jai otherwise, it rained. Heavily.

Okay, the state of my mind is a little leaky, too, but that I am able to patch up by myself.

Maybe I'll make a combination sun roof / indoor waterfall... three of them. :D