Wednesday, August 22, 2007

A Funny Thing

I suppose you could argue that anything could be funny depending on how you look at it but, with some things, I think you have to choose between laughing at them or on sleeping pills. Today something like that happened in this forest.

I'd rather not go into details, but for seven hours after morning chanting I received a non-stop (no, it stopped for almost an hour around 11 am) tirade about all of the bad things I've done during my stay at Wat Sanku. It was delivered in such high volume (shouting) from the hut across the way, that I probably could have recorded it on tape if I'd been so inclined.

It was delivered in broken setence using Northern Thai, so I didn't get the jist (if there was one) most of the time, but I clearly made out specific frequently delivered words like WALK and NGAO both delivered in a falling tone. I'll spare my dear readers the translation, but here's the Thai (if it shows up): วอก and เง่า

So I laughed at it, and learned some things about what one should and should not say to crazy people. It is humbling to realize again and again how much there still is to learn. The moral which came to me was:

It's always important to be right, it's just not always wise to try and make others see that you are right.

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