Sunday, July 29, 2007

Enter the Rains

Yes, tomorrow comes the inevitable, and as always a queasy feeling, probably somewhat akin to cold-feet. Three months in one place? No back exit? Yes, the rains are here again.

And indeed, as if on cue, the rain has begun to fall in earnest this afternoon. The rainy season is a good chance to take a serious look at my practice and study and give it a boost where it might need one. My resolution is to finally take some time to do intensive practice, putting aside my studies for ten-day retreat periods (at least one or two!). In the next few days I'll begin a retreat, then, and will not take the time to check my blog or email, except in emergency; and in the forest, emergencies seem to afford such ten-day breaks.

paṃsukūladharaṃ jantuṃ, kisaṃ dhamanisanthataṃ.
ekaṃ vanasmiṃ jhāyantaṃ, tamahaṃ brūmi brāhmaṇaṃ.

Wearing discarded cloth, the lean creature covered in veins;
alone, meditating in the forest - him I call a holy one.

-- Dhp. 395

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