Tuesday, June 12, 2007

The Creator

In the beginning Man created god in His own image. This worked fine until He realized what an insignificant part of the universe He really was. So then, He created a new god in the image of the material world around Him, which He took to be an accurate representation of the universe. This god He named "Physics". After that, things worked out much better, as the earlier god was not nearly as ameniable to His prayers and wishes as the later.-- Holey Babble 1:1

Religion, for most people, is simply a matter of convenience. Rather than work to change ourselves, we are content to dwell in products of our own imagination, and call it "the religious experience." Science is still only a tool for our egos and our addictions, and objectivity is cast aside in favour of these.

Really, the truth about the universe is simply that "what is is and what isn't isn't". True religion is simply science: the act of discerning the difference between what is and what isn't. The problem we have is that so little of what is isn't known to us, and so much of what isn't has long ago been accepted as part of what is.


  1. "True religion is simply science: the act of discerning the difference between what is and what isn’t." - yes, and it is not just one act but a whole series of acts, a path which creates itself with each step.

    on the other hand: (traditional) religion is also something which connects me with people who tried to walk a good path before me, in other times, in other places, don't you think?

  2. Yotin,

    Sure, of course. Every moment of discernment is a moment of true religion :) And of course, traditional religion is so much more. It connects us with people, gives us a fuzzy warm feeling inside, etc. But these externalities can be dangerous or helpful, and in the end are only tools to an end - if misused, they can lead to great disaster. Look at the Jatukham craze in Thailand for instance. Of course I appreciate tradition, but we have to know its value and its limitations.

  3. yes, we have to understand how to use those tools properly. and it can be so much work to strip off things which aren't useful at all in tradition :-(