Friday, June 08, 2007

A Blog in the Hand

Internet is down again... good thing the mobile phone infrastructure here is not run by the same organisation. And special thanks to Cam Stevenson, the creator of Blogsinhand, without whom I'd be unable to blog today.

Without Internet, I have a little time for reading. Today, Emerson:

"Great men, great nations, have not been boasters and buffoons, but perceivers of the terror of life, and have manned themselves to face it."

and specifically,

"Nature is no sentimentalist, -- does not cosset or pamper us. We must see that the world is rough and surly, and will not mind drowning a man or a woman; but swallows your ship like a grain of dust."

Source: Ralph Waldo Emerson, The Conduct of Life

I've always felt rather unprepared for life... I think that here in the forest I will now have the chance to "man myself to face it." Specifically, I hope I will not grow old and die in vain, without learning the truth about this world and the next; without freeing myself from those things which bind me to the wheel of suffering.

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