Wednesday, April 11, 2007

He IS Buddhist

Okay, I couldn't resist. I've been looking for something like this for a while now, and here it is:

The Big G Goes Buddhist

And the Lord* God adjusted his upper robe so as to cover one shoulder, and putting his right knee on the ground, raised his joined hands towards the Blessed One, and said to the Blessed One: 'Lord, may the Blessed One preach the doctrine! may the perfect One preach the doctrine! there are beings whose mental eyes are darkened by scarcely any dust; but if they do not hear the doctrine, they cannot attain salvation. These will understand the doctrine.


'The Dhamma hitherto manifested in the country of Magadha has been impure, thought out by contaminated men. But do thou now open the door of the Immortal; let them hear the doctrine discovered by the spotless One!

'As a man standing on a rock, on mountain's top, might overlook the people all around, thus, O wise One, ascending to the highest palace of Truth, look down, all-seeing One, upon the people lost in suffering, overcome by birth and decay,--thou, who hast freed thyself from suffering!

'Arise, O hero; O victorious One! Wander through the world, O leader of the pilgrim band, who thyself art free from debt. May the Blessed One preach the doctrine; there will be people who can understand it!'


* sahampati could also just be his given name, but seems to be an epithet as well, making him out to be the "lord of the gods". Buddhaghosa calls him "the most senior of the Brahmās (jettha-Mahābrahmā)" at DA.ii.467.

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