Friday, April 20, 2007

Chanting the Abhidhamma

I sometimes get flak for posting material about myself on this weblog; the thought is that, as my teacher said once, "a bell doesn't ring itself". But the idea behind posting audio, video and so forth is certainly not to showcase myself - in fact it is my hope you will find me talking very little about how great I am. The idea is to show how great the dhamma is. If I am unsuccessful, so be it.

Having said that, the following is something I post with reluctance. I know it is horribly poorly done, hopefully I'll have time to redo it someday, but I couldn't find anywhere else on the Internet where you could download it. And then yesterday I agreed to conduct a going away ceremony for a woman's sister who passed away 50 days ago (according to Thai tradition). So this is me chanting (horribly poorly) the outline of the seven books of the Abhidhamma, in order to set the mind of the deceased in the right direction:


and here's an explanation of how the Abhidhamma relates to meditation practice:


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