Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Back Up With Site5

Sorry, I've been a while away from my weblog; or rather my weblog has been undergoing some major surgery - I'm hoping the scars are hardly noticeable. Today I've got the entire site up and running on one of Site5's servers. I've changed host companies because of the cramped space at my old company; Site5's 55 GB of space should be enough... for now. Some strange problems have come up with files been set as read-only in the transfer, which seems to mean that even I can't edit them... hope that doesn't affect the user experience. Please let me know if you encounter any dead links or funny 500 or MySQL errors.

One thing about Site5 worth mentioning is that I get 5 Terabytes of bandwidth every month. So I expect everyone to be downloading audio and video from this site every day to help me use up at least a fraction of this mind-boggling amount; it'd be a shame to waste it. Expect more audio and perhaps some video to appear in the near future.

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